A breve is a creamy Americanized version of the Italian café latte, using half-and-half cream instead of milk. Although it’s an espresso-based drink, a breve is fluffier than other coffee drinks because half-and-half increases the foam and of course, the fat content. In Italian, breve means “short,” and it’s typically served as a “dessert” beverage. It’s typically rich enough that it doesn’t need any sweetener, but you can always add whatever you like. Whether you’re kicking your day into drive, requiring an afternoon energizer, or desiring an after-dinner finale, a breve is an easy selection.

If you’re curious about how to pronounce it, “breh veh”  is the correct way. “Breev” is something completely different.

We’ll show you how to make a breve with minimal tools in about 10 minutes. It requires espresso, so use whichever method you find handiest. For this recipe, we’ll be using a Moka pot. You’ll also need a way to froth milk, as well as a whisk. Additionally, if you want to make enough to share, just double the recipe!

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